Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wicked Cool Review: Huggable Teddy

Introducing: Huggable Teddy

My Mother-in-law is obsessed with Christmas Teddy Bears. Every December she carefully unpacks boxes and boxes of them.  Some sing, some dance, some sing and dance, some are dressed like Santa, some are so beautiful and old that no one is allowed to touch them...

Every year I consider getting her a bear for her collection, but I never think to ask her where she gets them.   

Well you can imagine how excited I was when a rep from Huggable Teddy Bears contacted me to see if I'd like to work with them on a review! 

They have TONS of Teddy Bears - Christmas Teddy Bears, Birthday Bears, Doctor Bears, Military Bears, Wedding Bears...even REALLY Big Bears. And for those of you that like to collect certain brands of teddy bears, you'll be glad to hear that they sell Gund, Ganz, Vermont, Russ Berrie...and more!

Some of them are beautiful, some are cute, and some look wicked, well, huggable!

Even though I intended on getting a Christmas Teddy Bear for my Mother-in-law, I ended up choosing this bear for my 6 year old:

It is so nice. It is really soft and I love the unique fur (you can't tell in this pic, but the fur is swirly and looks like roses).  The cool thing about this bear is that it is huggable and posable!  Not only is it soft, but its' feet and paws are weighted down with pellets so it will sit nicely on a shelf or in a chair. 

If you're in the market for a teddy bear - whether for a kid or a collector - take a minute and check out Huggable Teddy Bears!

PS--Huggable Teddy Bears is on Facebook, click here to like them.

LEGAL:  I received a teddy bear to review, I did not receive any financial compensation for this post.  All opinions are my own and my M-i-l really is a teddy bear fanatic!